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Hvar Culture tour

pure hvar daily tours


1-2 hours

pure hvar daily tours

Group size

8 max

pure hvar daily tours


08:00 am

pure hvar daily tours


80 euros

cULTURE tour

Explore the fascinating history of Hvar, Croatia, with a walking tour that will take you through the heart of this charming city. As you stroll along the ancient streets, you’ll discover the secrets and stories that make Hvar a true gem of the Adriatic.

Walking through the narrow alleyways, you’ll see the remnants of Hvar’s Venetian and Austrian influences, with ancient palaces and fortresses lining the streets. Your guide will point out the architectural details and tell you stories of the city’s illustrious past, including tales of battles and conquests, trade and commerce, and the cultural and artistic heritage that has shaped Hvar into the city it is today.

Overall, a walking tour through the city of Hvar is an excellent way to discover this beautiful city’s rich history and culture. With a knowledgeable guide to lead the way, you’ll gain a deeper appreciation for the art, architecture, and traditions that have shaped Hvar over the centuries.

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